The Brewery

Pécsi Brewery is an independent brewery with a history of 170 years of uninterrupted operation. The factory meets the highest quality standards (IFS), uses its own karst water source, and has a stable access to regional supply of ingredients. The owners have decided in 2017 to limit the annual beer production to a maximum of 200.000 hectoliter per year. Its home, the lively city of Pécs is located on the southern slopes of the Mecsek mountains in a mild climatic almost mediterranean corner of Hungary.

While our Pécsi and Szalon lagers are among Hungary’s most popular beers, the company has successfully started to market top fermented beers such as Weissbier, Pale Ale and APA. The commitment to environmental sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity motivated our team to launch our successful organic product series in 2019.