Három Királyok

The pleasing maltiness, brilliant purity, beautiful copper colour and snow-white foam crown of the Viennese Ace beers come back in the unique gluten-free taste and appearance of the Pécsi Premium Lager, which is brewed by decoction. During the fermentation process, the beer brewed from barley malt is subjected to technological processes that guarantee gluten-free. Each production batch is individually accredited to be gluten-free. The open tank fermentation and aging are 4-6 weeks long during which the elegantly soft, malt-rich taste and floral-spicy aroma are created.

Bitter: 24 IBU       Colour: 20 EBC

  • Alcohol content: 6,3% V/V

  • Degrees Plato: 14°B

  • 0,5 bottle, 30l KEG