Pécsi Craft APA

An American pale-style ale that is a top fermented, light beer specialty made through infusion mash. Its flavours and aromas are elegantly carried by the variety. Its medium-light body, snow-white creamy foam crown and firm yet harmonious hops give the uniqueness of the beer. The open tank fermentation and aging are 4-5 weeks long. The citrus flavour provides a refreshment to its consumers, thanks to the high-quality American hops aroma.

Bitter: 31 IBU              Colour: 12 EBC

Storage and tapping requirements: The KEG should be stored upside down in a cool place before opening. Shake / rotate well before opening. At the end of the daily tap, the beer tap line should be flushed and the KEG connection cleaned. Before the next daily tapping, the above should be done.

Other information: Being an unfiltered product, the yeast content of a glass of beer may vary depending on the shaking of the KEG. APA-type beers are characterised by a higher hop content and a more characteristic, bitter taste.

  • Alcohol content: 5% V/V

  • Degrees Plato: 12°B

  • 0,33l bottle, 0,5 bottle and can, 20l KEG